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About us

About us

Fubon Charity Foundation

Founded in 1988, the Fubon Charity Foundation remains passionate about helping underprivileged members of society. Core initiatives include the “Making Friends with Love” campaign, which helps children stay in school, “Fubon Volunteer Association” activities, and emergency rescue and assistance programs. Over the past 23 years, the Fubon Charity Foundation has left its mark in every corner of society and emerged as an important vehicle through which the Fubon Group practices corporate social responsibility.

The Fubon Charity Foundation has earned widespread acclaim and support over the years for its efforts, and it was honored in 2011 as an “outstanding” social welfare foundation by the Ministry of the lnterior in the agency’s triennial assessment of philanthropic groups. In the future, the Foundation will continue to extend its warmth and caring to all parts of Taiwan and remain a positive force in bettering society.

Our Main Activities In 2011

The Fubon Charity Foundation's main activities in 2011 were as follows:

. The "Making Friends with Love" campaign: Raised NT$124,030,800 in 2011, helping 17,226 students continue their education.

. The "Emergency Relief Fund," which supports emergency rescue operations, medical fund accounts, and internal reporting systems for Fubon's emergency relief teams: Contributed  NT$18,873,532 to assist  more than 4,000 individuals and families.

. The "Exchanging Points for Love" campaign in association with  Taipei Fubon Bank : Raised NT$2,770,950, which was donated to 12 social welfare groups. 

. The "Fubon Volunteer Association": the association has 23 branches around Taiwan that express , through their actions, the Fubon Group's commitment to giving back to society: contributed 8,161 hours of service.